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Clear reports illustrate your progress and performance and provide feedback on your awareness of your strengths and weaknesses.

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Thousands of case-based questions that are served adaptively, creating a personalized learning experience

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Two (2) timed practice exams that simulate a board exam experience

Access to the educational resources and discussions on NEJM Resident 360

Access to Rotation Prep on NEJM Resident 360

Free access to cited NEJM articles and links to other resources and citations

Access NEJM Resident 360 Rotation Prep

With your NEJM Knowledge+ subscription, you receive access to Rotation Prep — 19 rotation guides in general medicine covering 15 topics; 18 guides in pediatrics covering 128 topics.

Rotation Prep supports your learning and board review with an overview of the basics, and expertly chosen resources that provide the foundational information you need to succeed.

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“I am enjoying the content of this review product. This is the best CME experience I have ever been involved with. The relevance to my actual practice is very high. The ability to spend 30 minutes at a time when you have the time is a very time efficient way to learn.”

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Andrew (California)

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Maximize Your
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NEJM Knowledge+

Rotation Prep is an 
exclusive benefit of NEJM Knowledge+