NEJM Knowledge+ on Area9 Rhapsode™

New design, features, and improved mobile access.
Below are a few of the changes you can expect to see!

Learn Fast. Retain More. 
Build Confidence. Pass the Boards.

Our adaptive learning platform progressively tailors your experience to your specific learning needs while you use it. Don’t waste time on material you already know. Instead, let NEJM Knowledge+ help you concentrate on those topics where you need reinforcement and keep you focused until you achieve proficiency.

Copyright © 2022 Massachusetts Medical Society. All rights reserved.

Copyright © 2022 Massachusetts Medical Society. All rights reserved.

New design, features, 
and improved mobile access. 
Below are a few of the changes 
you can expect to see!

Due to the wide variety of devices and operating systems, our current apps are not able to provide all of our customers with an exceptional educational experience. The new platform will work on all mobile and desktop systems via your web browser whenever you have an internet connection.

Fresh new design  |  Filter and Sort your dashboard  |  Estimated time to completion

Feedback provided immediately/No extra clicks required 

Create your own quizzes, called Practice Sets, based on questions you haven't seen or have answered incorrectly.


After the switch to the new platform in October, the NEJM Knowledge+ apps will no longer be viable. If you continue to use the apps downloaded from Google Play or the Apple Store, they will no longer be recording your progress.

On Thursday, September 29, 2022, sign out of NEJM Knowledge+ by 6:00 PM Eastern (US). If you continue to use the current app during the migration and after the new platform launches, your answers will not be recorded and you will not earn credits or points for your answers.

The week of Monday, October 3, 2022:

  • On Monday morning, October 3, customers who purchased/registered for an NEJM Knowledge+ product will now sign in through the NEJM Knowledge+ website Sign In link. 

  • The week of October 3, customers who have been granted access to NEJM Knowledge+ products through their institution or educational program will receive an email with a link to a new sign-in page. If you do not receive the email, please contact us.

As always, our Customer Support team will be available to help you. If you need assistance, please fill out the Contact Us form and our team will assist you.

Fresh new design
Filter and Sort your dashboard
Estimated time to completion

Feedback provided immediately
No extra clicks required